The CamberSpar was the brainchild of David Bierig, of Bierig Sailmakers in Erie, PA. Dave patented the concept during the early eighties. It was adopted by several OEM sailboats, primarily by Freedom Yachts, and Gary Hoyt, who was looking for simplicity and efficiency in sailboat handling, which he found in the CamberSpar.   The CamberSpar was also adopted by a few OEM Catamarans,  such as Gemini and Mantis. Coletech has manufactured the spars and end  fittings from conception, and still does. Hundreds were made during their heyday, but  sadly their adoption in the OEM market has fallen off in recent years due to lack of promotion.  We still provide full camber spar sets and replacement parts. We also have info and instructions for Sailmakers & boat owners.   David has recently downsized himself into profitability and in doing so,  sold remaining stock back to,  and handed the reigns of the CamberSpar  to COLETECH.